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Someday Radio put on one of the best live shows imaginable. The lights, crowd, energy, and music. If you haven't seen them make sure not to miss them next time around. You'd be hard pressed to find a band that puts on a better live show! - Lisa Hurley-NYC

Someday Radio has been exciting crowds at public and private venues from New York, Boston, San Francisco to South Florida. Dwyer Brothers Mike,Tom & Pete along with some of their best friends in music Fred Pereira,Dan Updike, Steve Mansfield, Tito Wilson, Tom Griffin Drums. Susie LeBlang on Keyboards. Vocalist Vince Curry. With their arsenal of samples, Loops, soring Guitars, sub sonic Bass along with harmonious vocals. This is a celebration and we are all invited!

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Dubliner- One of the best places in South FL.

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